During our Reserve Officers’ Training Corps session, we were introduced to an exercise they call “The Army Dozen.” By the name itself, one can tell that it is one hell of an exercise routine — and indeed, it is. The exercise began with a warm up… which didn’t feel much like a warm up because it hurts… a lot. Then, we proceeded to a series of exercises that were really really really hard. Ever heard of an 8-count push up? Hmm. It’s hard.

Anyway. Let me explain the Army Dozen. It’s a routine made of 12 different exercises. Each exercise, we are supposed to have 12 military counts. And finally, the 12 routines are repeated 12 times. Imagine how painful it would feel to the body!

Yes. It is damn painful. However, after some time, the body just gets used to it. It wouldn’t hurt as much after trying it out for a number of days. So, if you really want to get fit, research on the exercises involved in the Army Dozen. It is a sure shot.